TLOU Esports Announcement: Introduction of Player Monitoring System

We are excited to introduce a new system for player monitoring and compliance in our community. This system aims to ensure fair play, integrity, and maintain a level playing field for all participants. Please read the following information carefully:

🔍 Player Monitoring List: We have created a list of players who will be subject to continuous monitoring due to various reasons, including suspected rule violations, the use of unauthorized 3rd-party devices, excessive lag, and other behaviors that may compromise fair competition. The list can be found here
Please note that inclusion on this list does not imply guilt but signifies the need for ongoing scrutiny.

Compliance Process: For players on the monitoring list, the following steps will be implemented:


Admin Contact: Players will be contacted via PSN by the username "TLOUEsportsStaff" to initiate the compliance process. Please verify the legitimacy of this account and refrain from engaging with any other accounts claiming to be admins. To confirm authenticity, the "TLOUEsportsStaff" account will only have admins on its friend list.

Footage Submission: When contacted, players will be required to submit video proof of their most recent matches. It is crucial to save the five most recent matches as an admin may request one or more of them for review. Compliance with this requirement is necessary to ensure fair play and rule adherence.

Submission Deadline: Players will have 48 hours from the time of contact to submit their footage. Failure to meet the submission deadline may result in consequences as outlined below. We also kindly remind all players to ensure they have sufficient storage capacity to save and submit the requested gameplay footage. Insufficient storage will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to provide the required video proof.

Consequences for Rule Violations: Players caught breaking the rules will face disciplinary action. Depending on the severity of the violation, consequences may range from a one-month ban to a six-month ban, and in extreme cases, a permanent ban. We will evaluate each case individually and apply the appropriate penalty.

Failure to Submit Proof: If a player fails to submit the requested footage within the given 48-hour timeframe, they will receive a one-week ban. Repeat instances of non-compliance will result in escalating bans, including two weeks, one month, and, in severe cases, season or permanent bans. It is essential to comply with the footage submission requirement to avoid these consequences. We value the feedback and input of our community members.

As we implement this new system, we will closely monitor its performance and gather feedback from the community. Based on this feedback and our evaluation, we may make necessary tweaks to the system to ensure its effectiveness and fairness. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during the implementation of this new system.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us for clarification and assistance. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to maintaining fair and competitive gameplay within the TLOU Esports community.

Best regards,
TLOU Esports Administration


We would like to address an issue regarding inactive teams that are ranked highly in the ladder and holding top places, whilst the members are actively playing on an alternative team.
In an effort to prevent this issue from happening, the following new rule will be introduced and will be in effect immediately:
• Every newly-created team that contains the same players previously noted in a high-ranking ladder placing team will find their elo rating will be reset to 0.
• Should a similar instance occur for a second time with the same players, a suspension will be applied to all participating players, in addition to the newly-created team's elo being reset.
We prioritize fairness and integrity within our community, and these actions have been taken to maintain a competitive and transparent environment. Thank you for your understanding.



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