TLOU Esports is a dedicated website for The Last Of Us Factions Multiplayer. Our goal is to keep the competition going and grow the website into something we can use for the next Multiplayer.

For years, competitive players have found it exceedingly difficult to find an esports platform for The Last of Us. After numerous sites undertaking and casting aside this award-winning fan favourite, the community were left with no platform hosting their beloved game. This is when we stepped in.





TLOU Esports was founded in 2021 during this phase to fill the gap, providing a reliable source for the community to call on, and offering an engaging and entertaining competitive environment.

We offer monthly ladders with the fairest rules and admins. Gamers have the chance to compete and earn cash prizes. In the future, we hope to be the main esports platform for the upcoming naughty dog stand-alone multiplayer.